The non-stop life of a big city becomes subconscious for those who live in it. Its fast-paced rhythm makes you want to put life on hold. The Fragas do Cabril Eco&Welssness Lodge aims to solve that with a hideout to breathe in pure air, listen to the nature rhythm and switch the cars for long walks in the wilderness. Connecting with nature, well being, family, and wilderness are the top priority of this eco-lodge planted right beside one of Portugal's most beautiful places: O Cabril do Ceira.The representation of this touristic green facility becomes with the interpretation of its natural landscape and concept: a familiar place, with good vibes and ideal to rest. Like so, the logotype represents the fragas on a jacuzzi as a metaphor for its partial immersion on the Ceira river. The humouristic look is achieved by using a cartoonish stroke resembling the ease the brand wants to offer to those visiting. All three colors in the logo represent the three key elements of the Quinta do Cabril: the Fragas' grey, nature's green and river Ceira's blue. It's a logotype with personality, which reflects good vibes and wats to reach multiple age targets through relatable cartoons and animated characters.